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Stephanie Schiavenato is a labor and post partum doula and a certified lactation counselor. She holds a degree from Middlebury College in Women's and Gender Studies. Stephanie has a wide range of experience supporting women, including social justice education and leadership development for young women, traveling in Latin America and making a documentary film with local women, curating a human rights film festival in Argentina, and currently, supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.



Stephanie has travelled to birth clinics in rural Uganda and Senegal to volunteer as a doula and brought back many practical skills learned from traditional midwives for supporting women in labor. She also has experience using a rebozo (traditional Mexican shawl) for help repositioning babies in labor, neonatal resuscitation training with Karen Strange, and extensive current knowledge about obstetric evidence-based practices to help you make informed choices about your care.

Stephanie is also a doctoral student in anthropology at New York University where she studies reproductive loss. She is also the co-host along with Amy Cao, of Misconception, a podcast exploring pregnancy and birth through humor and intelligence. Additionally she is working on a documentary about placentas called, Mother Cake








 Stephanie strongly believes in the potential for childbirth to be a site for positive growth and fostering a deep sense of fulfillment for both birthing mothers and their families. As your doula, she offers continuous, non-judgmental support and a calm presence throughout your process.

Stephanie is a native New Yorker who makes her home in Brooklyn and serves pregnant mothers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. She is Colombian-American, fluent in Spanish and happy to help families in the language they are most comfortable using.