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Laboring at Home

As your doula, I will help you have the birth experience you want. I have been trained in the physiology of childbirth and understanding the emotional needs of a laboring woman. I will always provide an objective viewpoint and help you gather information so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. I will support you unconditionally and non-judgmentally.

I have extensive experience with clients seeking unmedicated childbirth as well as those planning epidurals, high risk pregnancies, multiples pregnancies, breech presentation, pre-term labor, vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC), and c-sections. I have worked at every local NYC hospital and birth center alongside many OBs and midwives so I can help you navigate the specific policies and protocols at your respective birthing location, including home births. 

I work in all birth settings (home, birth centers, hospitals) and will travel to Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.





I offer a free informational meeting at your home between you, your partner, or any other person who will be with you during labor. At this meeting we can become acquainted, I can tell you about my background, training, and experience, you can describe your priorities, concerns, and questions regarding your upcoming birth. If you feel we are a good match, I am on call for you from the time you hire me through the birth of your baby and the immediate post partum period.

I support you before, during, and after labor by providing information, research, and time to talk through common procedures and tests during pregnancy, interventions during labor and post partum, and as a certified lactaction counselor, with breastfeeding. We have one to two prenatal meetings at your home to talk about your birthing preferences, discuss signs and stages of labor,  review comfort, relaxation, and laboring techniques that might make sense for you, and how to prepare your home for the post partum period.

As your doula, I offer unlimited, 24 hour phone and email contact. During labor, I will come to you as soon as you want and stay with you throughout the labor and the birth of your baby. I will use my knowledge and experience to provide you with physical comfort (massage, counterpressure, positions for labor and pushing), emotional (breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques), and educational support.  I will act as a liaison between you and the staff, reminding them of your preferences and helping you ask questions so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions for your family.

After the birth, I help with the initial breastfeeding and any other post partum issues. I am available by phone to answer questions about your baby and your well-being. I will make a home visit within a week to continue supporting breastfeeding, babywearing tutorials (slings, wraps, other carriers), infant soothing techniques, newborn care, and referrals to any community resources you and your family might need. I charge $3000 for the detailed services listed above. 

Open Knee Chest position plus Rebozo Shifting to help a baby turn in labor


If you are interested in my services, email and/or call me and we can set up a complimentary meeting to see if we are a good fit and to discuss how I can help you.